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Main Style (Official) Club Top

The Catford CC also has a new style top, this is will now become the official club top as registered with 'British Cycling' this can be worn while taking part in club events and also during organised trips and home or abroad etc. If you come on organised club rides you will see this top along with the specially designed 'Tour of Belgium' top that is available to riders coming on the yearly organised trip to Belgium. At present this design is ordered when there are sufficient numbers required (no stock of the jersey are held - unlike the official racing top). There are short sleeve and long sleeve versions of the top available (light and heavyweight). If you would like to order one please email with your requirements and he will get back to you with any questions.

Please Note: This is not the kit that the CatfordCC Equipe/Banks team ride in
Catford Cycling Jersey - Alternative Top
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