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Fun & Fitness with the Catford C.C.

Club runs start at 10:00 am from Americarlo’s Café which is in Farnborough Village (off A21) - Farnborough borders on the countryside through which we ride. Just turn up for a trial run - you can ride with us three times before you have to make a decision, we have to restrict it to three as that is all our insurance allows.

Although a ride for all abilities, this is particularly suited to 'starters' as it is a short run to the Spitfire Café, Biggin Hill and back (around 20/25 miles). Although taken at a 'touring' pace it is calculated to develop fitness so that you can ride on Sundays as well.

For the fitter more experienced cyclists who can manage a 50/70 mile ride at a brisker pace. Although, depending on who is out, we sometimes split into two groups with different speed, route and distance. Although all arrive at the same destination, which varies each week (click here for runs list). This provides a good base as a prelude to racing.


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