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2011 Results

Polhill-Badgers Mount-Star Hill RAB (10 miles) HANDICAP 25:09:2011
A lovely sunny morning for the final club TT of the season which was a handicap event saw 13 riders out to race for a trophy which would be awarded to the overall winner. Our top 3 TT riders this season were all riding on scratch meaning they were offered no time bonus?. All the other 10 competitors were given a time allowance (max 7 mins) according to their ability and results they have achieved at the 10 mile distance. Ray Smith was given a max 7 mins and finished in 13th place. John Palfrey competed in his first club TT of the season and his handicap was based on his strength shown in weekend club runs, he finished in 12th. Chris King could only manage 11th place but his season long form had improved so much he was only offered 2 mins allowance. Paul Hinton was given the full 7 mins and did well to gain 10th place. Luke Morgan who is president Mick's 16 year old son did really well in his first ever TT to come home in 9th place. Jim Callinan affectionately known by us all as (Washing Machine Jim) used his 7 mins bonus well and finished in 8th place. Then came our top 3 scratch riders in familiar order, Jon Coulson in 7th place with James Green and Paul Smith just in front of him as it has been all season. Steve Airey used his 97" gear again and had a great ride to finish in 4th. James Harvey with 4 mins awarded was very pleased with his 3rd place, we hope to see him out on many more events next year?. Keith (Evergreen) Perry at 72 our oldest rider out today had a fantastic race to finish in 2nd place. Then in 1st place overall riding on a 6 min handicap because that's what previous form dictated was Graeme Porte. He is on of our newest members and only ridden a handful of events with us, but he powered his way round the undulating course and will be awarded a trophy for his efforts at the annual club lunch on 27th November. Our thanks to marshals today Mick Morgan, Chris Brett, Bryan Stout and Peter Hayes who must also be congratulated for recently completing a charity ride from London to Amsterdam (well done Peter). Lastly on behalf of Ray and myself thankyou to all who have supported the club TT scene this season and hope to see as many of you as possible next year. Steve Brake.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10 GRAEME PORTE 22:55 H/CAP 10 16 11TH
2ND 10 KEITH PERRY 24:03 H/CAP 9 19 9TH
3RD 10 JAMES HARVEY 24:16 H/CAP 8 15 13TH
4TH 10 STEVE AIREY 24:29 H/CAP 7 40 4TH
5TH 10 PAUL SMITH 24:41 SCR 6 50 * 1ST
6TH 10 JAMES GREEN 24:57 SCR 5 50 2ND
7TH 10 JON COULSON 25:15 SCR 4 47 3RD
8TH 10 JIM CALLINAN 25:28 H/CAP 3 17 10TH
9TH 10 LUKE MORGAN 25:48 H/CAP 2 2 19TH
10TH 10 PAUL HINTON 25:55 H/CAP 1 8 16TH
11TH 10 CHRIS KING 25:56 H/CAP 1 39 5TH
13TH 10 RAY SMITH 27:50 0 12 14TH
Cudham Circuitx2 18:09:2011
Only 4 riders for this one but it is regarded as maybe the worst course in our club TT programme even in it's singular form?. Graeme Porte unfortunately was declared DNF, he punctured on his second circuit having clocked a very respectable time on his first lap of 29:57. Steve Cavey entered his second event with us on a private basis before he resumes his studies at university, his final time was very competitive. And then our top two riders of today and indeed the whole season Paul Smith and James Green, with Paul just edging it again by a mere 14 seconds over the 2 laps, this the day after he trimmed another 4 seconds of his 25 mile PB with 58:48 in the North Hampshire open event. Our thanks to marshals Ray Smith, Paul Hinton, and Steve Airey who was on hand to rescue Graeme after his puncture. Next sunday 25th September is our final race of the season which is a handicap event on the Q10/18 course start 8.00 AM all welcome and a nice trophy will be awarded to the winner.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 18miles PAUL SMITH 50:26 10 50* 1ST*=
2ND 18miles JAMES GREEN 50:40 9 50 1ST=
3RD 18miles STEVE CAVEY (PRIVATE) 56:18 N/A N/A N/A
Knockholt/Star Hill RAB/Green St. Green (10 miles) 11:09:2011
What a great responce to this event with 10 riders and 6 marshals turning out despite the threat of further rain following the previous nights downpour. Ray Smith and Jim Callinan continue to enjoy their cross over into the world of TT racing and produced respectable times for this sporting course which includes an ascent of Polhill. Clive Wiltsher having now retired from work and put his recent health problems behind him turned out for his first club TT of the season and he can be very proud of his effort. Gavin Smith is now an established club racer and he will now look forward to next years challenge, he was the 6th fastest Catford rider today. Steve Airey the 'Fixed Wheel Nut' rode his restored 1956 Claud Butler bike with a 97" gear! and did really well to finish 5th. Steve Cavey a new name out today was riding as a private entrant, he is a university student who's usual sport is running but being at a loose end before returning to his studies came out with us and did very well for his first bike race?. Chris King finished in 4th place, his first love is mountain biking but he has had a steady season on the road. In 3rd place was Jonathon Coulson who has had a great season overall, it is a shame we will lose him next year due to his relocation for university. The top 2 places today were once again contested between Paul Smith and James Green , they have had some close finishes this year and today was no exception with Paul just edging it by only 3 secs!! In fact with only 2 events to go these top 3 riders today will be the award winners at the end of season bash as they cannot now be caught? So Paul will be champion with James and Jon runners up . But the final races will still be very exciting especially the last one which will be a handicap event with a trophy awarded to the winner on the day? Lastly Our thanks to the marshals today these were Paul, Le, Chris ,Ben ,Bryan, and Peter.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10miles PAUL SMITH 24:40 10 50* 1ST=*
2ND 10miles JAMES GREEN 24:43 9 50 1ST=
3RD 10miles JONATHON COULSON 25:12 8 47 3RD
4TH 10miles CHRIS KING 27:26 7 39 5TH
10miles STEVE CAVEY (PRIVATE) 28:17 N/A N/A N/A
5TH 10miles STEVE AIREY 28:44 6 40 4TH
6TH 10miles GAVIN SMITH 31:22 5 32 7TH
7TH 10miles CLIVE WILTSHER 32:15 4 4 18TH
8TH 10miles JIM CALLINAN 33:57 3 14 10TH
9TH 10miles RAY SMITH 36:54 2 12 11TH
Polhill-Badgers Mount-Star Hill RAB (10 miles) 21:08:2011
Nice sunny warm conditions greeted the 6 entrants for this event on the Polhill course. Ray J (Smith) did well in only his second club race to finish in 6th, hopefully now he has swopped his marshaling bib for every race?. Grahame Porte a member since the end of last season finally turned out and competed and did a good ride to finish 5th. Gavin Smith who missed out in the last race due to working late rode well to finish 4th. With championship leader Paul away doing an open event there was a chance for James Green to gain some much needed points but unfortunately he shipped his chain and could only manage 3rd place. Chris King continued his great run of form with a second place here to add to the excellent time he got on the Cudham circuit the previous thursday. Then in 1st place was Jonathon Coulson who capped a great week for himself having also passed his A levels in style with 2 A's and a B. He will now be off to his chosen university in September and we all wish him the best, well done Jon. So many marshals out today we had every junction covered for once which makes a nice change!, these were Carol, Keith, Le, Mick, Jimmy, Jim, and Peter.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10miles JONATHON COULSON 24:45 10 47 3RD
2ND 10miles CHRIS KING 25:44 9 39 5TH
3RD 10miles JAMES GREEN 26:11 8 50 1ST=
4TH 10miles GAVIN SMITH 28:07 7 32 7TH
5TH 10miles GRAHAME PORTE 29:26 6 6 16TH=
6TH 10miles RAY J (SMITH) 33:48 5 10 11TH=
Cudham Circuit x 1 18:08:2011
6 Brave riders turned out to compete on cold and wet Cudham course. Not a good night to ride your first club TT but Ray J did just that in swopping his usual marshals bib for a race number he did very well. Jim Callinan in only his second TT event had a good ride to finish in 5th place, hopefully he will push on now and do many more club events?. Steve 'Fixed Wheel Nut' Airey only geared down to 84"? there is some really hilly sections on this route and he did well to come home in 4th place. Chris King had been doing alot of training on his mountain bike prior to this and was even out at 5.00AM in the morning before this one to put the miles in which proved fruitfull as he finished 3rd with a great time. The friendly rivalry between James and Paul continued at the summit of the leader board with James this time taking victory by 37 secs. It now means they have a max of 50 points each but as the rule in the event of a draw states the overall title will go to the rider with most victories or second place finishes Paul is still in prime position with 7 wins to James's 5. But there is still 4 events left so it could be in the balance until the final race on 25th September. Our thanks must go to our only marshal on the night Peter Hayes who drove round the course as the race was in progress checking on riders safety.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 9miles JAMES GREEN 24:24 10 50 1ST=
2ND 9miles PAUL SMITH 25:01 9 50* 1ST=*
3RD 9miles CHRIS KING 25:37 8 35 5TH
4TH 9miles STEVE AIREY 27:57 7 40 4TH
5TH 9miles JIM CALLINAN 32:59 6 11 10TH
6TH 9miles RAY J 37:06 5 5 16TH
5O Mile Champs Kent CA 14:08:2011
6 members of the club turned out to ride this open event on the tough Harrietsham course. Gavin Smith did well to complete it with this being his first attempt at the distance. Nice riding by Peter Hayes will hold him in good stead for his next long distance events he has planned. Stephen did well to drag his dodgy legs round the course for his first finish in a 50. Then came the fastest 3 Catford riders on the day. In third place was Steve Airey who will not want the season to end?, he has produced some great times on his fixed wheel machines. In 2nd place was James Green who had not even done a 25 before this? so he can be very proud of his effort. Then in 1st place was Paul Smith who despite suffering jet lag from a flight the previous day took 10 championship points and the club 50 trophy. With their combined times these 3 also won the team prize and will collect medals from the host club the KCA, well done all. Our thanks to Ray for going out and supporting our riders.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 50miles PAUL SMITH 2.11:12 10 50 1ST
2ND 50miles JAMES GREEN 2.16:12 9 49 2ND
3RD 50miles STEVE AIREY 2.23:17 8 40 4TH
4TH 50miles STEPHEN BRAKE 2.26:52 7 15 9TH
5TH 50miles PETER HAYES 2.30:51 6 20 8TH
6TH 50miles GAVIN SMITH 2.44:32 5 29 6TH
Polhill-Badgers Mount-Star Hill RAB (10 miles) 24:07:2011
A lovely sunny morning for this event with 7 riders entered, 4 of these were new faces to our club race scene. Simon Giles was one such newbie who rode as a private entrant, but unfortunately he went slightly off course near the finish and was declared DNF.But we hope he was not put off by this and goes on to join the Catford as a full member.Jim Callinan one of the club committee members turned out to ride his first Time Trial and did very well to finish in 6th place. Paul Hinton and James Harvey have both been out on sat/sun club runs since they joined and they did good rides as they turned their hand to TT racing. Steve Airey has been having a great season so far and riding his 97" fixed he did a PB at this distance to finish in 3rd place. The friendly rivalry continued between Paul Smith and James Green with Paul just edging James into second place by 3 seconds, it looks set to be an exciting finish as the season nears the end. Our thanks to marshals on the morning Le, Ray J, Bryan, and Chris.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10miles PAUL SMITH 23:58 10 50 1ST
2ND 10miles JAMES GREEN 24:01 9 49 2ND
3RD 10miles STEVE AIREY 24:36 8 39 4TH
4TH 10miles JAMES HARVEY 29:05 7 7 13=
5TH 10miles PAUL HINTON 31:38 6 6 14TH
6TH 10miles JIM CALLINAN 33:54 5 5 15TH
Cudham Circuit x 1 13:07:2011
It was a cool evening in Cudham for the 5 riders who faced the timekeeper for this event. There was a slight delay in starting the race due to road works, so a re-route had to be quickly planned which made a longer course at 10.5 miles(HILLY!). Steve Airey rode to the start straight from work and did a good time to finish 5th. Chris King also had to rush up to Cudham having finished college late but did well to come in 4th place. Paul Smith and James Green went to check out the changed course in a marshals car and left themselves insuffient time to warm up when eventually kitted out to ride, but they produced good times with James just beating Paul by only 9 seconds to take 2nd place. But the ride of the night was young Jonathon Coulson, he has been training hard especially for hilly events like this and it showed as he powered his way to victory by 28 seconds. Our thanks to the marshals who came out to help these were, Mick, Peter, Jim, Chris, Dave,and Ray J.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10miles JONATHON COULSON 26:26 10 45 3RD
2ND 10miles JAMES GREEN 26:54 9 49 2ND
3RD 10miles PAUL SMITH 27:03 8 50 1ST
4TH 10miles CHRIS KING 28:50 7 27 7TH
5TH 10miles STEVE AIREY 31:21 6 37 4TH
Club Champs. Thanet CC '25' (Open) 03:07:2011
4 Catford riders competed in the Thanet RC 25 on the Q25/10 course which incorporated our club championship. In a field of 55 and a lovely sunny morning by the seaside Peter Hayes clocked a good time to pick 7 points. In only his first club event of the season Stephen Brake enjoyed the day to collect 8 points. Steve fixed wheel nut Airey worked out the course profile and chose to ride a 97 inch gear and powered his way to a PB at this distance. And mixed emotions for Paul Smith he did a really good ride to take the club 25 title and ten more points which puts him top of our season long TT competition, his time was so close to his main target of the season of going under 1 hour, he was a little dissappointed but all of us that have seen him ride are sure he will get there soon. For the record the overall winner was Kevin Tye(DATA ALLSTARS) with a super 52:37. Thanks to Ray for going out and supporting our lad's today.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 25miles PAUL SMITH 1:00:14 10 50 1ST
2ND 25miles STEVE AIREY 1:03:20 9 31 5TH
3RD 25miles STEPHEN BRAKE 1:06:29 8 8 11TH
4TH 25miles PETER HAYES 1:10:17 7 14 8TH
Polhill-Badgers Mount-Star Hill RAB (10 miles) 25:06:2011
7 riders faced the time keeper on a blustery morning with rain in the air after heavy overnight downpours. 3 of the starters were private entries and one of these Mike has expressed a view to join our club. Gavin Smith punctured on the way to the start and had to miss out. Of the 4 Catford riders Keith Perry in only his 3rd club TT of the season collected 7 points as he finished 4th. In third was Jonathon Coulson doing a sub 25 min.Narrowly missing out on top spot by only 4 secs was Paul Smith from James Green who took 10 points and now these two are tied at the summit of the TT leader board on 49 points each. Ben Wimpory(Sydenham Wheelers) was once again the fastest on the day with an outstanding ride. Thanks must go to the only 2 Catford members who turned out to marshal these being Le and Ray J. Which leads into the final point for this report. On rather a sour note? as previously mentioned we simply cannot stage these club TT events without help and support from other members willing to give up a little time on mainly a sunday morning every other week during the race season. The events are advertised well in advance on the BELOVED CATFORD WEBSITE but no one it seems can be bothered. Whilst out on a ride on wednesday John a 75 year old member of the Meridian CC heard Ray's plight and kindly offered to step in and help push the riders off and act as spotter at the finish line, well done John and thankyou we hope some Catford members read this and are shamed into future action.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
N/A 10miles BEN WIMPORY (PRIVATE) 23:10 N/A N/A N/A
1ST 10miles JAMES GREEN 24:27 10 49 1ST=
2ND 10miles PAUL SMITH 24:31 9 49 1ST=
3RD 10miles JONATHON COULSON 24:58 8 43 3RD
N/A 10miles MIKE ACCORD (PRIVATE) 26:44 N/A N/A N/A
4TH 10miles KEITH PERRY 31:31 7 17 8TH
Knockholt StarHill RAB Green St. Green 19:06:2011
Despite very heavy rain at the start of this event all 5 riders who entered did really well. The first one mile of the course had been resurfaced a few days before and had a challenging loose gravel top to it. Jonathan Coulson rode very strongly to take his first victory of the season and a welcome 10 points, He would hope to continue this form into next weekend when he will be racing at Herne Hill Track in an inter schools event. James Green arrived at the start with seconds to spare and found the drag up Polhill punishing but recovered well to finish only 17 secs down and take second place. Chris King in only his second race of the season looked good to come in third. Clifford Blake and Gavin Smith coped well with the conditions to finish 4th and 5th respectively. Our thanks to Bryan, Peter, and Le for covering the marshalling positions.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10 miles JONATHAN COULSON 25:17 10 34 2ND
2ND 10 miles JAMES GREEN 25:34 9 38 1ST
3RD 10 miles CHRIS KING 27:43 8 13 6TH
4TH 10 miles CLIFFORD BLAKE 29:17 7 19 4TH
5TH 10 miles GAVIN SMITH 30:11 6 17 5TH
2 Cudham Circuits (18 miles) 05:06:2011
Organizer Ray was disappointed with such a low turn out for this event?. But quality once again was not lacking with our 3 fastest riders out and battling for the points. In 3rd place was Jonathan Coulson who did well to take 4 minutes off his previous best time on this course. Runner-up was James Green who had trouble with his TT bike and rode a machine that he recently built up with spare parts!. And in 1st place taking 10 points to move level at the top of the TT leader board was Paul Smith who also rode this event for a club standard medal and won silver for his effort. Thanks to Bryan, Le, and new member Ray J for marshaling.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 18miles PAUL SMITH 49:08 10 48 1ST=
2ND 18miles JAMES GREEN 50:42 9 48 1ST=
3RD 18miles JONATHAN COULSON 51:02 8 42 3RD
CC Bexley Evening '10' (Open) 25:05:2011
A fairly warm sunny evening greeted 5 Catford members who turned out to ride the Bexley CC Evening 10 which forms part of our TT series. Fastest rider for the Claret and Golds was Paul Smith who is now starting to hit top form. In 2nd place by only 15 seconds was James Green who still holds 1st position overall. 3rd Jonathan Coulson who is having a good season so far. 4th Steve Airey using a 84 inch fixed hit 44MPH with 180 RPM!!! on the return to knock nearly 2 minutes off a time he did on this course 2 weeks ago!. 5th was our newest TT racer Gavin Smith who took 3 minutes off his previous 10 best, this on a course which he hadn't ridden before?. Thanks to Bryan and Ray for going out and supporting.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10miles PAUL SMITH 23:05 10 38 3RD
2ND 10miles JAMES GREEN 23:20 9 48 1ST
3RD 10miles JONATHON COULSON 23:56 8 42 2ND
4TH 10miles STEVE AIREY 25:48 7 14 6TH
5TH 10miles GAVIN SMITH 26:36 6 29 4TH
Club Champs. CC Bexley '10' (Open) 14:05:2011
Five members took part in the Bexley open 10 which was held on the Harrietsham Q10/22 course. All produced some good times in a field of 70 riders. The fastest Catford rider was James Green with a time of 24:23 he takes 10 points for this and will receive a trophy at the end of season prize giving. A very close second was Andrew Beswetherick competing in his first club event of the season 24:50. Clifford Blake was third with 26:56 to collect 8 points. Then in 4th place was Peter Hayes 27:29 this being the ride of the day because he was riding for a club standard medal today and stormed to a GOLD on handicap, well done Peter. 5th was our newest member Gavin Smith who continues to improve with 29:12
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10miles JAMES GREEN 24:23 10 48 1ST
2ND 10miles ANDREW BESWETHERICK 24:50 9 9 7TH
3RD 10miles CLIFFORD BLAKE 26:56 8 27 4TH
4TH 10miles PETER HAYES 27:29 7 7 8TH=
5TH 10miles GAVIN SMITH 29:12 6 23 5TH
Knockholt StarHill RAB Green St. Green 08:05:2011
A good response to this latest club event with 7 entries. Conditions were fairly good but there was a stiff breeze. Paul Smith continued his good form to take first place and his 4th win of the season, he now leads the TT competition overall. Jonathon Coulson did a good ride to finish in second place this despite having a puncture in his front tyre which slowed him down over the last mile. Steve Airey in only his second club event this season took third place, this after crashing in an open event only 3 day's before?. Chris King took 4th position only 13 secs down on Steve. After recently moving house Clifford Blake had a long ride to the start but turned in a decent time to take 5th place. James Green had to retire after only 2 miles due to a knee problem. The fastest time of the day was recorded by Sydenham Wheelers rider Ben Wimpory who took part with a private entry. We would also like to congratulate him on his super sub hour ride last sunday in an open 25(58:15). Thank's to Le and Ray J for turning out to marshal.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
N/A 10miles BEN WIMPORY 24:07 N/A N/A N/A
1ST 10miles PAUL SMITH 24:57 10 49 1ST
2ND 10miles JONATHON COULSON 25:24 9 43 3RD
3RD 10miles STEVE AIREY 27:09 8 22 6TH
4TH 10miles CHRIS KING 27:22 7 20 7TH
5TH 10miles CLIFFORD BLAKE 28:28 6 33 5TH
6TH 10miles JAMES GREEN DNF N/A 48 2ND
Sundridge/Badgers Mount/A21 17:04:2011
Only 4 riders turned up to face the time keeper today for an attempt at the fearsome G10/38 Sundridge course, but quality wasn't lacking with all producing fine times. Gavin Smith in only his second event with the club came home only just over even's to gain 7 points. Jonathon Coulson rode this course during an open event 2 weeks ago and today bettered that time by 59 seconds!. Paul Smith was Hospitalised during the week after a collision with a car on his commute to work, but despite several bumps and scrapes on his face he turned in a great ride to finish only 1 second behind the winner James Green who gained his 2nd victory of the season and is now top of the table with 29 points. Our thanks must go to the 5 volunteers who responded to our call for help these being Alf, Jimmy, Le, Steve, and Peter. Without Marshals we can't put on these events?
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10miles JAMES GREEN 25:37 10 29 1ST
2ND 10miles PAUL SMITH 25:38 9 28 2ND
3RD 10miles JONATHON COULSON 25:57 8 24 3RD
4TH 10miles GAVIN SMITH 30:29 7 11 5TH
Peter Stubbs Open '10' Tonbridge 09:04:2011
Excellent rides were produced by 5 Catford members in our Open '10' on the Q10/19 Tonbridge course. All their times count towards the season long club TT competition. 5th was Clifford Blake with 26:10, 4th with a great PB was Steve Airey clocking 24:38, 3rd riding a new bike was Jonathon Coulson with 23:56 this equalled his PB, First man off in a field of 90 was Paul Smith and he turned in a good time to finish 2nd with 22:59, and coming in 1st to gain his first 10 points of the season was James Green with 22:55. The overall winner was once again Peter Tadros with a time of 19:38 to repeat his victory of last year. Our thanks to all Catford members who turned up to marshal and other duties for organizer Peter Hayes.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10miles JAMES GREEN 22:55 10 19 1ST
2ND 10miles PAUL SMITH 22:59 9 19 1ST
3RD 10miles JONATHON COULSON 23:56 8 16 3RD
4TH 10miles STEVE AIREY 24:38 7 7 5TH
5TH 10miles CLIFFORD BLAKE 26:10 6 12 4TH
Polhill/Badgers Mount/Star Hill RAB (10 miles) 13:03:2011
The first event organised by Ray and Steve Brake of the TT season was a great success, despite the overnight rain causing slippery conditions, a record entry of 10 riders, two of which were private. Ben Wimpory of the Sydenham Wheelers did a fantastic time of 23:19 to be fastest on the day. Current Club Champion Paul Smith banked his first 10 points of the season with his time (see below). Two new Catford members Eric Van Bommel and Gavin Smith posted excellent debut rides. Evergreen Keith Perry did an outstanding ride for his age. Thanks go to all the marshals who turned up - Bryan, Mick, Bob, Peter, Alf, Jimmy, Dave and Chris.
Position Distance Name Time Points Total Club Comp
1ST 10miles PAUL SMITH 24:48 10 10 1ST
2ND 10miles JAMES GREEN 25:14 9 9 2ND
3RD 10miles JON COULSON 26:16 8 8 3RD
4TH 10miles ERIC VAN BOMMEL 26:36 7 7 4TH
5TH 10miles CLIFFORD BLAKE 27:22 6 6 5TH
6TH 10miles CHRIS KING 27:28 5 5 6TH
7TH 10miles GAVIN SMITH 29:38 4 4 7TH
8TH 10miles KEITH PERRY 32:07 3 3 8TH
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