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Tour of Belgium

Tour of Belgium
Every year the club organises an annual Tour of Belgium, this normally takes place on the first full weekend in August. It always runs from (meeting on a Wednesday night at the Premier Inn at Dover, so we can catch the early ferry on the following day) Thursday to Sunday and we stay in a good quality hotel in the village Ooustduinkerke, Belgium. The trip then takes rides out from the hotel, eg Brugge, Ypres etc on organised rides with lunch at the half-way points. The party is restricted to 30 people and this event starts booking in early Feb for that coming year, it fills up VERY quickly and we start collecting monthly instalments from Feb onwards. The cost covers all expenses: Ferry, Van ins, Petrol, Accommodation, Meals, Drinks etc - In fact it is possible to turn up in Dover and you would not have to have any other money with you if you did not want to.

Recommendations for this trip can be easily had from many club members, there is also a traditional contingent of riders that are 'old members' that also come - these can range from Poole in Dorset to Ipswich and they are always welcomed on the trip.

If you would like to go on the trip, please contact Mike Morgan before the end of Jan - the cost of the trip will be decided in Jan and I will inform the riders going of the monthly collection cost.

Keep an eye out for information in the club monthly e-blast

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