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Catford CC Club Van

Catford Cycling Club Van

Rules and Regulations - (Download pdf version)

  1. The van will reside at John Palfreys home. 60 Orchard Avenue, Shirley, Croydon CR0 7NA.
  2. Any bookings for the van should go in the log/diary that will be kept in the front of the vehicle, Any bookings must be made either by email or letter ONLY to John Palfrey (a phone call is not acceptable), you should confirm that John has the booking. There will be a booking list under the 'Club Van' tab on the website and any potential bookers should look there for available dates.
  3. Failure to complete the user log book shall be reported to the club secretary for presentation to the committee to determine if that user shall be barred from using the vehicle and face possible suspension/expulsion from the club.
  4. Any one collecting the van from JP address can park in Russett Drive (private road but JP pays towards upkeep) and if no one is in the keys will be available from a secure keysafe box outside JP's house, the code and location of which to be provided to the user.
  5. The club will make sure that the van is roadworthy and has a legal up to date MOT.
  6. The van will be kept full of Diesel, when it is used it MUST be returned with a full tank.
  7. The van will be available for ALL club members to use and a mileage rate will be applied to all usage (including club usage and charged to the activity concerned). The club DOES NOT seek to make an excessive profit out of this and hence the mileage rate will be below commercial rates so that it is a benefit to ALL club members. The mileage rate for this will be published on the club website and modified annually based upon actual costs and mileage.
  8. The club will be responsible for the purchase of tyres etc.
  9. The club will make sure that the van has applicable Breakdown Cover - this will remain with the van and any users should be made aware of how to implement the Cover.
  10. Parking Fines - Any parking fines and or clamping fee would NOT be reimbursable from club funds. In exceptional circumstances the driver may submit a detailed claim for reimbursement to the club secretary for presentation to the club committee for its review and possible approval. Proof of payment of these charges should be submitted with the claim. NB In the event of insurance excess and de-clamping charges the club would likely be sent the invoices directly and so the club secretary would need to write to the ‘offending’ driver and seek reimbursement.
  11. The primary use is for racing - therefore if a racing event is on it takes precedence over a private booking (subject to rule 12 - one month notice rule).
  12. There will be a booking book kept with the vehicle, any booking should be made via this, if a booking (racing) is made with less than 1 months notice the original pre-booking would stand.
  13. Any existing members of the club that wish to use the van should furnish JP with the appropriate insurance details beforehand to ensure they are adequately covered (fully Comp)
  14. Anyone wishing to use it would have to pay the additional insurance costs required, outside of nominated club drivers. It is the responsibility of the below to ensure that JP is kept upto date with any personal policy changes and provide insurance details to JP without him having to chase.
    John Palfrey - Main Driver and address for insurance purposes
    Mick Morgan
    Steve Airey
    Reg Smith - Junior Coach
    Peter Hayes
  15. Anyone using it should keep it in a good clean condition - this does not include washing it.
  16. There would need to be a min of 2 riders using it for it to be classed as a ‘club’ event, the club will reimburse any club member with his Diesel cost ONLY in the pursuit of an event, e.g. if it was used for other things on the same day this would not be covered out of club funds. Two members qualifies as riding an event, be it open or club, this does not mean two members using it for domestic purposes.
  17. A receipt for the Diesel would be required and a rough description of how used e.g Sidcup - Harrietsham - Sidcup = xxx miles, therefore the club would have a gauge of the costs incurred.
  18. Steve Airey will mechanically maintain the vehicle, but any out of pocket expenses cost will be covered by the club.
  19. Any damage or accident that may affect the clubs 'No claim bonus' should be covered by the drivers own insurance outside of the nominated drivers referred to in Rule 14,
  20. Any CLUB user of the van agrees to abide by the rules above.

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