Catford CC Kit

Debbie Beddle
Debbie Beadle
Clothing Manager

It always looks good when you go on a club ride with the same kit and allows us to stand out as an organised Cycling Club. Our kit was redesigned recently and this design has proved to be the most popular the club has had for many years - hence we sell out quickly of every order!

The Catford CC have a great range of 'Club Kit', This high quality bespoke kit is produced exclusively for us by Champion Systems and represents really good value for money and if you purchase any of this kit in your first year of joining the club you'll receive a 50% DISCOUNT* (which is less that we pay for it!).

A full range of our kit is available on the 'Kit Availability' page, We hope to have your kit available to complete delivery in 4 weeks from receipt of order (if we need to order it).

The range shows the normal items that we stock for club members in our 'Club Range', the fit of this is very good and we would recommend that you contact our Kit Manager Debbie Beadle (link on left) to try on any item if you are unsure of size? If you require higher quality or race kit, these can also be supplied and prices of these items are available through Debbie.

So if you do want to have some kit after joining the club you should fill out the information at the base of the 'Order Kit' page, this takes into account all of the normal things like size, fit etc, when you submit this to our Kit Manager Debbie - she will contact you with any questions, confirm the kit cost(s) and how to pay.

Please note: Champion System can also supply a 'customisable' service of increase in short or sleeve length etc, prices for any of these bespoke requirements need to be discussed with Chris prior to ordering, unfortunately because of the nature of these bespoke items that fit exactly to you they are not exchangeable.

*Limited to any two items from our range of Catford CC Kit and are subject to supplier price changes.