What to do next

On reaching this point we assume that you have now joined the Catford cc and paid your membership fee?

The Club membership secretary Ken Thornton should have contacted you now and welcomed you formerly to the club.

You may well already know an existing Club member and so know about where we meet for our rides etc, but if not don’t worry just turn up at the below venue and introduce yourself to the Run(s) Leader and he will make you welcome and introduce you to a few people (not too many as we know how hard it is to remember names). If you have any questions please ask the Run Leader before we set off.

You are now welcome to come on any of the Club organised rides, on Saturday and Sunday these are normally run from The Café@Farnbrough Village The Saturday ride, because of it's shorter length, is normally to one of the local designated venues which are decided on by the Run Leader taking on board weather, if anyone has to get back early etc on the day. If in any doubt about where the ride goes from on a day just go the ‘News and Upcoming Events’ section on the home page and it will be posted where we are meeting that weekend. The Sunday rides are longer and more formalised and the venue will be posted here on the news section about the meet venue, distance, stopping points etc.

We hope that you will now enjoy being a valued club member and join in with all the rides and social activities that the club organises throughout the year, to this end please visit the site from time to time to update yourself on any future information or events, which, if you have signed up for the Club EBlast will also alert you to these things.