Catford Cycling Club Membership

If you wish to join the Catford CC (Ltd) and enjoy the benefits of joining the club please complete the form below.

After joining you will be contacted by our membership secretary Ken Thornton ( If you have any questions prior to joining please email Ken.

If you wish to try out riding with the club prior to joining read the 'Trial Rides' section

The cost of joining the club is a flat £25 per year (£26 by PayPal), this fee applies to everybody over 16 and under 70. If you are under 16 or over 70 we still need you to fill out the application form even though there is no fee to pay for legal reasons. Riders under 16 years of age need to have parental agreement before joining the club.

The membership year runs from October to October, anyone joining will be charged pro rata

When agreeing to be a club Member you agree to help out at some events during the year, these events allow for the continuance of the club, help its finances and for the club to be able to keep these historical events going. You are required to assist at the HOTA Hell of the Ashdown and at least one other event per year as part of your membership, please tick which events you will help out with. Your membership will not go through without agreeing to this request.

 Open 25 - 26th August 2018

 Open 10 - 2nd April 2019

 HOTA - 17th February 2019

 Hill Climb - 7th October 2018

 Club Xmas Dinner & Awards

 30th June - National Junior Womens RR

 By applying for Membership you agree to the Catford CC (Ltd) storing this data. We do not retain credit card information.


 You agree that from time to time the Catford CC (Ltd) may contact you with club offers


 By joining the club I agree to abide by the rules and Regulations of the Catford CC (Ltd), a copy of which can be read here


 If you are going to be member that joins in the club organised rides it is a requirement that you have third party insurance, details of how to obtain this can be found here. Non riding members are not required to have this insurance. If required the member agrees to produce confirmation of this insurance to the membership secretary