Combined Rule and Handbook

Ken thornton
Ken Thornton
Membership Secretary

Being a club with a great heritage we obviously have a set of rules, hopefully these are not too onerous.

When you first join the club as a new member the Membership Secretary will contact you and along with a few other things will make sure that you have an up-to-date copy of the Catford CC Rule and Handbook, this is also available as a download from this page should you ever loose your copy or require a new version.

Most of the things in the Rule Book are common sense, but there are also the rules on how the club operates both Financially and at a Committee level, so if you want to find anything out this is one of the places you can look, the other option is to contact one of the three members representatives who are listed under the Committee tab at the top of the website.

The rules are reviewed every AGM and if you wish to question a rule or propose a new rule then this is the place to bring up any such issues. The date of the next AGM is at the base of the website in the Diary section.

We would hope as a new member you would embrace all things within the club, from riding, social and help in the running of the club, so if you feel that you can help in volunteering for a Committee position please speak to any of the existing Committee members about standing for one of the positions in the club