Insurance Explained

Club Rides

The Catford CC does not provide Third Party Insurance, but in the interests of safeguarding the club and its members against liability to third parties during club rides and club events, it is a condition of membership that all members MUST have Third Party liability Insurance. This can be obtained either through British Cycling or the CTC either by applying for full or affiliated membership. Alternatively please check your own existing policies such as household or motor to see if you are covered. We may have to see a copy of these to valiadte the insurance as ‘our club’ insurance only covers guests on the first 2 rides (while they decide if they wish to join).


To compete in Road and Track racing events you must have a licence and therefore be a member of British Cycling which carries their own third party insurance cover.

Time Trials

To compete in Club and Open events you must be a member of a club affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (CTT).
The Catford CC is affiliated to CTT. This means that as a member of The Catford CC you will be covered by the CTT Insurance. The following is a relevant extract from the CTT Policy;

In the absence of any other insurance policy the Cycling Time Trials Commercial Combined Policy provides, inter alia (amongst other things), an indemnity in the event of a claim against the Company (CTT) in respect of any rider or riders in an event falling under our jurisdiction. It also covers secretaries, timekeepers, marshals, observers and volunteer helpers used in any capacity required to make the event possible. The limit of the Public and Products liability is £10,000,000.

Further Details

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